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Extraordinarylife beyond your wildest

The time is now


Do you ever feel like…

  • It’s hard to attract or keep a relationship
  • Your confidence and worthiness could be much higher
  • The relationships you have with your family or friends is a struggle
  • You’re “stuck” and don’t have the clarity you need
  • You are tired of the shame and guilt
  • The amount of work you put out doesn’t match the money coming in
There’s just something missing but you aren’t exactly sure what it is…

Hey friend!

I’m Garrain.

I believe that everybody deserves to have an incredible quality of life that surpasses their wildest dreams X10.


If I can go from $200,000 in debt, living in my car for 2.5 years and being an ex-convict to impacting millions, earning millions, and living a life without regrets… then I truly do feel it’s possible for everybody to overcome their life’s obstacles and manifest the life they really want.


I teach you how to discover what is blocking you from living an extraordinary life by implementing practical strategies and tools that transformed my life for the better and are changing millions of lives globally.


Uncover the greatness that already lives inside of you.

Success Stories

“He has helped me feel so safe and seen and held in his presence so that I could do that deep inner work to create next levels of self-love and self-connection."

-Ashley Hannawacker
Branding and Marketing expert, author, speaker and coach

"My relationships, my business has flourished like never before. I'm aligned with my passion and doing so much more of what I love. I trust Garrain with my life."

-Daniel Raphael
Entrepreneur and Founder of “Dreamporting Flow”

"If you are dedicated to stepping up and healing things that are holding you back from reaching that next level, don't even think twice about working with Garrain."

-Gerard Adams
The Millennial Mentor™

“Garrain helped me to understand why I was blocking myself, why I was stuck. Everything that he taught and showed me through his workshops and 1-on-1 mentorship was from his real-life experience."

-Lucie England-Duce
Founder of “Boss Babe Revolution”, author, and transformation coach

“I attended one of Garrain's workshops and it was absolutely incredible! Since the workshop, I've had 2 kids and my income, my business has tripled as well.”


“Through working with Garrain, I started to blossom as a person and as a result of that, my relationship with everybody in my life grew and got better."


It’s time to get Extraordinary results

  • Let go and feel truly and completely FREE
  • Attract and keep your forever soulmate
  • Create healthy, thriving relationships with your family and friends
  • Learn how to love the deepest parts of yourself
  • Create more money while doing LESS

Remove what’s blocking you so you can achieve whole life success!
It’s time to have your cake and eat it too.

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The intention of this podcast is to welcome you back home.

When you remove what’s blocking you from truly experiencing your greatest life, what shows up is a giant heart that’s been waiting for you all along…and this heart is what I call “home.”


Welcome Home with Garrain Jones