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Looking to transform your life?

The Welcome Home Podcast is your place for deep, authentic, relatable and practical conversations on relationships, mental health, business, leadership, community, spirituality, healthy active lifestyle, fun and adventure.

With the support of this podcast, you’ll learn how to remove what blocks you from experiencing your best life. You’ll also reconnect with your heart, which has been waiting for you all along. This heart is what I call “home.”

That’s the intention of this podcast — to welcome you back home.

Latest Episodes

#8 Our Birth Story part 2

Such an honor to be interviewed by my wife on this particular episode. It was the other side of last weeks conversation where I got to interview her. I have listened to so many women talk about their birth experience. This is why I am excited to share the birth experience from the other side.

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#7 Our Birth Story

On October 5 at 5:34 PM, my wife gave birth to our little girl, Soul Ivy-Moon Jones. To be a witness to all of the miracles that took place during our homebirth was beyond words. For the first time ever, I decided to have a guest on my podcast, and that guest is my wife. Hopefully, her story will support

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#6 Healing Toxic Shame

On this episode of Welcome Home I talk about the kryptonite of the soul. Shame and guilt in a way I’ve never put myself out there before. Fear of what people would think of me became my spiritual damn which clogged many blessings in my life. This is no longer my story.

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#5 The Extraordinary Power of Commitment

On this episode of Welcome Home I talk about the extraordinary power of commitment and how it can explode your life with incredible results when it becomes a priority. If you align with this podcast, please be sure to download, leave a review and share with your friends and family. Thank you in advance

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#4 How To Access Your Superhero Connection Powers

On this episode of the Welcome Home Podcast, I wanted to share the most effective way that I know of to deeply communicate with people.

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#3 How To Attract The Relationship That You REALLY Want

On this episode of the Welcome Home podcast, I wanted to bring to light a topic that I hear all over the world and people are consistently looking for answers. That is the topic of relationships and how to attract the person that you want in your life. Instead of the person that you settle on.

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#2 Nature Speaks Loudest to the Unplugged

I just got back from spending the last six days backpacking in the Grand Canyon completely unplugged. My intention for this particular podcast is to share that you can extract any lesson from any experience and apply it to your life.

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#1 A Breakthrough Around My Past Hatred For Men

I recently was in a deep meditation and discovered a part of my childhood that I suppressed to the point where I manifested self sabotaging myself anytime something was going good. In this episode I reveal what that awareness is and share practical ways for you to do something about the blocks you have experienced in your life.

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#0 Introduction to the Welcome Home podcast

Last week I dropped a test podcast and forgot to drop and introduction. That's the story of my life. Do everything out of order but in the end it somehow all makes sense. Today is the launch of episodes zero which highlights the inspiration behind this podcast and the name "Welcome Home".

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