I'm Garrain Jones

Here’s my story

My start at life was far from easy.

I was born in Houston, Texas on July 3rd, 1979. When I was only four years old, a man tried to kill me by putting me in a dryer and telling me I was going to Disneyland. That’s when I stopped trusting people. That same year, my parents separated, and I was forced to choose which parent I wanted to go with.

I had a near-death experience

I had a near-death experience at ten years old when a few men tried to drown me. They told me there was trout in a bayou, and when I stood at the edge to look, they threw me in. Right before I could give up, a hand came out of nowhere, grabbed me and pulled me up enough to get out myself. When I looked around, I saw no one there.


I gave up trying

When I was 12 years old, my father was murdered. I felt like half of me was taken away.


I went down the wrong path

My grades were slipping, and I was getting into trouble in the streets. I was in and out of juvenile detention for two years.


There was still no direction in my life

I switched high schools so that I could focus on my work more. My grades began to improve, but I still lacked direction. I began stripping and was still breaking into houses and cars.


I moved to LA

At 18, I left for Los Angeles, California. It was the most difficult time of my life because it was more fast-paced than what I was used to.


Things started to change

I read my very first book, cover to cover. It was called “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale. Shortly after, my life started to change. I found something I loved and began modeling for Wilhelmina and Ford. The next thing I knew, I was showing up in magazines, billboards and music videos. I even played Beyonce’s love interest in her “Jumpin’ Jumpin’” Destiny’s Child music video.


I backslid and went to prison

I stopped reading and started getting back into old habits. I began smuggling drugs, which led to me doing time in prison for two and a half years. Towards the end, I started reading The Power of Positive Thinking again.


I signed a record deal with Ludacris

I signed a record deal with Ludacris at DTP/Def Jam. I started writing songs. This created amazing opportunities that I ultimately walked away from, thinking I could go it alone.


I fell on hard times and lived in my car

I left the record label and things went downhill. I lived in my car for two and a half years and was deeply in debt. During this time, I started reading The Power of Positive Thinking again.


A Stranger changed my life forever...

I had hit a point in my life where I felt it couldn’t get any worse. I threw up my hands and yelled:

“Okay! Okay! Okay! I’m tired of fighting! I don’t want to fight anymore! I want to be healthy! I want to be happy! I want to be surrounded by positive people! I want to inspire people! I want to make a bunch of money, but I want the money to represent something I believe in! Just show me a sign!”

One week later, I was at a gas station, and a homeless man asked me for money. I told him that he had more money than me. He then said something I’ll never forget…

“Change your mindset, change your life.”

It was the biggest epiphany of my life. From that moment, I started doing everything I wouldn’t normally do in areas of my life where I wasn’t happy.


Transformation became my purpose

I got involved in health and wellness and ventured into the personal development and transformation space. That same year, I finally got my own place in LA.


I began manifesting my soulmate

I wrote a soulmate treasure list. It included how I wanted to feel when I was with her, how I wanted to treat her and 62 of her attributes. I also chose that I wanted to meet at a personal development seminar.


I created a successful career

I had changed my mindset, and it changed my life. I created a successful career at 37, with a business that allowed me to impact the lives of millions of people directly and indirectly.


My mom was able to achieve her dream.

I was finally able to help my mom pursue her dream and put her through fashion school. This had been her dream since she was young, but she gave it all up to raise me and my brother. At last I was in a position to help her support her dreams and achievements.


Success started coming all around.

My coaching platform tripled, and I had my first public feature on Impact Theory.

I also met my wife, Blair, at a personal development seminar. She had all 62 attributes that I listed on the soulmate treasure list. It turns out I had become all of those 62 attributes myself and attracted my mirror.


My first book was published.

I wrote a best-selling book called “Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life.” Blair and I also got married in November.


I bought a house to make into a home

3 years after attracting my soulmate, we were able to purchase a beautiful house together. When people talk about their property, they like to show off it’s big, it’s expensive, it’s extravagant–that may be what a house does for your assets, but that’s not what makes a home valuable for your SOUL. Establishing a space that creates safety and stability, a place to grow roots, to experience deep spiritual growth alongside the soul of your partner, that is what our home means to us. And that is the future we look forward to sharing in this space.



My mission...

My mission is to create a safe space for people to discover the gifts that already live inside of them, so they can use those gifts to produce extraordinary results in their lives.

Today I do retreats, workshops, 1:1 coaching, I’ve spoken in over 60 countries and I’m a best-selling author. After everything I’ve been through, I truly believe everyone deserves to live a life worth living.

Are you ready to commit to living an extraordinary life?