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I’ve lived through some of the hardest times imaginable. From childhood trauma, to drugs, prison, and living in my car…the day that everything changed was the day a stranger’s words changed everything about how I viewed my situation: “Change your mindset, change your life.” This was the epiphany that set me on a new path of self-realization and transformation.

Ten years later, I now do retreats, workshops, 1:1 coaching, I’ve spoken in over 60 countries and I’m a best-selling author. After everything I’ve been through, I truly believe everyone deserves to live a life worth living…

That’s why my mission is to create a safe space where people learn to embody peace and joy that creates inner freedom and gives them full access to their natural gifts that are utilized to produce extraordinary results in their lives.

The time for transformation is NOW! Not tomorrow, next week, month, or even year. When you lean into the NOW moment & you equip yourself with the proper tools, knowledge, and community… your life will transform. Are you ready for this?


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